Hi! I’m Lydia

I’m guessing you’ve ended up on my page because you can relate to at least one of the following:

You feel… confused by the contradictory advice you have read about the ‘best’ way to land a job that you actually like. Overwhelmed by how many options are available to you and struggling to narrow them down. Or maybe you’re feeling scared at the prospect of getting stuck in a job you hate.

It’s time for a fresh take on career development.

Here’s a plot twist: when you spend some time planning your career and getting clear on what you’re looking for, finding a job you love doesn’t have to be so flipping hard. It can actually be fun, and can happen sooner than you may think…meaning you can save valuable time for Netflix binges or cooking that recipe you spotted on Pinterest but never got round to trying. You will finally be able to STOP spending hours reading career development tips online, panicking that you still don’t know what you want to be now you’re a grown up.

So, who am I?

Fun facts

I was part of the cheerleading squad at Uni (we won British titles in 2010 & 2011!)

My favourite healthy snack is a bowl of frozen peas (weird… I know)

I love live music… a dream of mine is to sing in a jazz band (think Seb’s bar in La La Land) 

Why I do what I do

To help my clients realise that they are unique and valuable, helping them explore all the amazing things they have to offer employers

To help my clients find work they actually like

To donate to charity a % of the money you invest in your future by working with me

Education & Experience

Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner in training with the iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) 

Career Coaching Diploma

Have worked in various roles providing Career Development and Career Coaching since 2015

My Story…

At 6 years old I knew I wanted to be a ballerina. My plans quickly changed (and continued to… frequently until I realised I no longer had any idea what I did want to do). I took 2 years out of education, then graduated with a vocational University degree that I never used (face palm!). Roll on a few years and here I am – having figured out what I’m good at, and what I love doing…


I now help people in their 20s and 30s figure out what they want their career to look like, and create a plan of action to make it happen.

The reason I set up a career coaching business alongside my current job isn’t about earning lots of money, it’s about helping people to realise what they’re naturally good at, define their goals, figure out what success looks like and helping them take focussed steps towards the career they want. I love helping people become the best version of themselves, and I would love to help you achieve your full potential, doing a job you love.

I am here for anyone who:

   Wants to get super clear on which career they should pursue (from the big picture to the nitty gritty) so that applying for jobs is the easy-peasy part 

   Wants to finally get a grip on the whole goal setting thing in a fresh, new way (no more tearing your hair out trying to decide if your goals are truly SMART or panicking over whether you will actually be able to achieve them)

   Is prepared to put in the work needed to get to where they want to go

   Needs someone to give them a little push to go bigger and sooner with their dreams and plans


The way I see it… we spend a substantial amount of our life working – I figure it’s worth putting a bit of effort into planning out a career path that makes us excited. I believe that there’s more to a career than the numbers on a pay slip at the end of the month.

If you’re trying to work out the right career path that will challenge you and allow you to make an impact – but don’t know how, or where to start, you’re in the right place! So stick around, make yourself comfortable, and let me help you figure out what you want to be now you’re grown up. I’m looking forward to seeing where your plans take you!

So, how can I help?

"I want to get unstuck in my career"

No problem… I’d love to help you figure out what you want your career to look like. 

"I want to meet like-minded people"

Sure… Join us on my Facebook page for regular inspiration and top tips on finding work you actually like

"I have a question for you"

Fire away… I’d love to hear from you. I read and answer all my emails personally.

My Mission?

To provide a career coaching service that works for you, to help you make your days count

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