Ready to stop complaining about your job and actually do something about it?

I’m here to tell you that it matters how you spend the hours of your day. All those hours add up, I believe it’s really important to make your days count, to use the skills you’ve been given and to enjoy your life. Remember… you have a choice in how you spend your time on this Earth; you spend roughly 80,000 hours in work in your lifetime – wouldn’t you prefer to spend those hours doing work that makes you happy? I truly believe that happiness doesn’t have to be limited to the weekend.

Let’s work together to find a job that makes you happy!


Are any of these true for you?

  • I’m sick of doing the same dull tasks day in day out, dreaming of doing work that I actually find interesting. I dread going to work every day; I feel bored, unfocussed and miserable
  • I’m done with pretending to everyone that work isn’t really THAT bad… or just nodding and smiling when I’m out with my friends and they’re telling me about the latest project they’re working on, or the promotion they just got
  • I feel stressed because I hate my job but I don’t know what to do instead. I’m done with feeling like I’m the problem, and that I’m rubbish at every job I try. I’m beginning to doubt whether I’ll ever find a job I enjoy… I really want a new challenge and to feel excited about work again but right now it feels a bit like looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • I have loads of ideas of things I might like to do for as a job, but I don’t know how to put them into action… I know that there’s more to life than this crappy job, but what if I accept another job and end up hating it too?!
  • I’m actually in a ‘good job’ and people are always impressed when I tell them what I do, but I feel trapped because I really don’t enjoy my work. I panic about what people (especially my parents!) would think if I left, and I feel guilty that I don’t like it more when loads of people would LOVE to do what I do… but deep down I just know it’s not the right job for me
  • I’m stuck. I’ve tried to figure out what I should do for work loads of times but I’m still none the wiser and find it easier to just lie on the sofa sipping wine and watching Netflix than thinking about my career… wishing my dream job would just land at my door. Sure it might not be the most proactive but it beats the frustration I’ve faced before.


What if you knew what you wanted your career to look like, and had a step-by-step plan to make it happen?



Imagine if you could:

Take pride in who you are and where you’re heading… no more lying on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself or avoiding the ‘what do you do?’ question at family events

Dream big about what’s possible for you and your career and then make that into a reality

Feel confident that your work matters and that you’re using your amazing skills to make a difference

Have a conversation with your friends without moaning about your job… much more opportunity for laughs and giggles instead

Stop waking up feeling exhausted by stress and anxiety


Finding a job that makes you happy doesn’t have to be hard

I created the Work in Progress programme to help you show confusion and frustration the door, and figure out how to find work you actually like. This is a 1-1 career coaching programme designed to help you turn your dreams into plans and plans into reality.


Because, to me you’re never just another client.


When we work together

1.    You’ll focus on what makes you tick, what’s super important to you at work, what you’re good at

2.  You’ll get clear on what you want your career to look like

3.   You’ll create a career plan to keep you moving forward


Ready to stop talking about it and start doing something about it?

Book a FREE introductory call with me


Interested but need a bit more info?


No worries… keep reading 🙂


Here’s how it works:

  • You hop on the phone with me for 6 x 1 hour sessions to chat about what’s going on with your career and figure out where you want to end up.
  • Between your amazing dreams and passions, and my expertise, we will generate a load of different ideas for the next steps in your career
  • You’ll get clear on what you want to do now that you’re a grown up and have a glorious step by step plan of how to make it happen.
  • You get unlimited email access to me throughout your coaching package.
  • You receive worksheets and activities to do between sessions, which is a great way to keep track of your progress. You will also receive a report at the end of the coaching programme, which brings everything together for you in one place
  • Money Back Guarantee: if you do all the work and aren’t happy with the programme, I’ll give you your money back. Zero risk – what do you have to lose?


Sound good?

Are you ready to know where you’re heading in your career? Click the button below to schedule your complimentary (aka FREE!) career chat with me, and we’ll get those career plans figured out ASAP. 


I know the phrase is that nothing comes for FREE, but genuinely, this chat is literally just that – a chat about where you are currently at in your career and where you’d like to be. I’ll tell you a little bit about how we might be able to work together to get you there. I promise that this won’t be a pushy sales pitch. If you want to work with me, that’s great; if not, then, that’s fine too. My hope is that you’ll get some value out of our chat either way.


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